What To Wear For Family Pictures

More often than not, I am getting phone calls from frantic mothers who have no idea how to dress their kids for pictures. "Is this color okay? How should I do my hair? Do you think that will look good?"

You're paying a good amount of money, you're rounding up your family, and most likely, you're looking for a new profile picture; obviously the outfits need to be perfect. So I am here to help! I have listed the 'do's' of outfit choices for family shoots. Before I get into my examples, I've got two rules for you.

1. There is a big difference between coordinating and matching. Coordinating > Matching

2. Relax! Your family is beautiful and so are you. The photos will come out great! Let the outfits you choose represent your families personality.

Larsen (10 of 213).jpg
Bennett (3 of 31).jpg
Catapano (23 of 181).jpg

And sometimes....the rules can break. I mean, how cute are those little girls?!

TIP: I wouldn't recommend this for everyone. Because they're a larger family, they were able to coordinate AND do matchy matchy. But if you've got a big family, you could definitely try this!