Have Old Clothes? Make Some Cash!

Looking for easy ways to get cash? I'll show you how I earned over a thousand dollars in 2016 with just a little bit of leg work!


What is Poshmark? Basically, a place you can buy and sell clothes. New, used, tags on, tags off, prom dresses, gym clothes, mens, kids, you name it. Poshmark pays for shipping, but (of course) they take some of your profit.

I still think it's worth it, so I'm gonna break it down for you and show you how I use it!

Step One: Download the app and create an account.

Step Two: Go through your closet! This will probably be the hardest part for some of you, but I think we can all find a few things that need to go.

The clothes and items you're looking for should be in pretty good condition, but don't exclude something because you don't think it'll sell. You should try! You'd be surprised by some of the stuff I've been able to sell on there.

Step Three: Take some photos.



1. Obviously big name brands will sell the best (and get you the most money). These are a few of my big money makers: Victoria's Secret, Free People, Nike, Coach and Michael Kors. 

2. Re-share your items. Posting them once and leaving your account will not get you sales. I try to re-share my products every day or every other day.

3. Share your posts in parties. These happen three times a day and are different categories. Here is a step by step of me sharing my Jeffrey Campbell boots in their "Best in Shoes & Boots" party.


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