My Top 5 Instagram Tips

I am no Instagram expert, but after running three accounts I'd definitely say I've got a good grasp. I get asked a lot about my useful tips so I decided to make a blog post about it! I hope this helps :)

1. Page Theme

It’s important to have a consistent “theme”. Look at your favorite Instagram accounts, I could guarantee that their feed probably isn’t a jumbled mess with a lot of different colors and photos. Decide how you want to edit your photos and stick to that. Will you use words on your photos? Pick a few fonts and stick to those. Here’s a few examples of what I mean:

Top Left: @alexbryjak Top Right: @soulscripts Bottom Left: @jennakutcher Bottom Right: @peoplechurch

2. Photo Quality

People don’t want to look at blurry or grainy photos. You don’t need to buy a fancy camera, but make sure you are posting quality photos. Natural lighting and a good editing app (I use VSCO) are easy ways to ensure your photos are good enough to post.

3. Hashtags and Tagging

If you want to reach new people, these two things are pivotal. Someone in the photo? Tag them. Picture taken at a specific location? Add the location. These are all ways that new people will find you. Now, when it comes to hashtags you are allowed to use 30 in one post. Some people only do a few, but I say take what you can. I prefer to post hashtags in the comments because then your followers won’t see all of them (unless they click on the comments). It overall just gives a cleaner look. Do your research on hashtags and use ones that fit your ideal client. If your posting a picture of food you don’t want to hashtag #ootd (outfit of the day) because that has nothing to do with your photo. I keep about 5 different groups of hashtags in a Note on my phone for the different kind of pictures I post. Here’s an example:

• #activism #vsco #vscocam #causes #volunteer #thehappynow #distinctmoments #millennials #abmlifeissweet #worldchangers #dogood #liveluminous #sheislight #seekthesimplicity #nothingisordinary #livethelittlethings #beautifulmoments #makingadifference #makeadifference #soulscripts #beautifulmoments #makingadifference #makeadifference #soulscripts #chasinglight #calledtobecreative #bedeeplyrooted #theinstagramlab #patagonia

*I use the dots because then the comment is only visible if you click on it.

4. Be Prepared

I keep a folder on my phone of images that I want to post in the future. We all know how it goes, life gets busy, we feel uninspired, and the next thing you know you haven't posted in 5 days and your audience is losing interest in you. Take some time to build a folder like mine and you won't have room for error.

You can also do this with captions! I like to reference my Pinterest boards for quotes that I like.

5. Be Yourself

As cliche as it sounds, it is the most true thing you can do to grow your social media platform. I am so turned off by people endorsing products they don't believe in or just saying things because it's trendy. Tell your story. Be true to yourself. Post things that make you smile. Make a difference in the platform you have - whether that's 100 followers or 100,000.