Floral Photo Hoop


Hula Hoop: $4.99 from WalMart

Gold Spray Paint: $3.50 (Originally $6.99, always look for coupons!) from Michaels

White Ribbon: $2.99 from Michaels

Photos: $9.97 ordered from FoxPrint

Leaves: $1.99 from Goodwill

Flowers: $1.99 from Goodwill

Total: $25.43


Hula Hoop

1" Ribbon

20 3x3 Photos

Gold Spray Paint

Glue Gun


Fake Plants

Step One: Spray paint the hula hoop (you'll probably need a few coats)

Step Two: Lay out the ribbon and photos in the way you'll want them to be assembled.

Step Three: Glue the ribbon to the hula hoops.

Step Four: I found it easier to put the hoop up on a wall to glue the photos, but do what's best for you! I started with the middle ribbon and worked my way out.

Step Five: I bought some greenery and flowers from the thrift shop, depending on what yours look like, cut the leaves and flowers off.


Step Six: Start gluing the leaves one by one. I found there was really no science to this, I just did whatever made it look natural and full!

Step Seven: Add flowers.

Voila! Now it's ready to display! I'm using this for my bridal shower, but I think this would look beautiful at a wedding or any kind of party!