Paper Flowers: Part 3

We're getting closer to the finish line! This post includes three flowers that I am using as fillers. The fun thing about these flowers is that they are totally customizable! Feel free to get creative and make these any size you'd like.

If you've missed out on my previous flowers, check out Part 1 & 2 below!

Flower 1

For this flower, I just created my own teardrop shape and traced it on this piece of paper, get creative and make your own! Feel free to play with the size.

Cut a circle on a piece of cardstock (obviously does not need to be perfect).

Cut out your petals, I needed 10, but yours may be different depending on the size.

Glue your flower petal by petal onto the cardstock.

Flower 2

Start by just drawing this twist.

I tried doing this flower without drawing it, it didn't come out as well! But you can do whatever works best for you.

Cut it out. The nice thing about these is that they do not have to be perfect.

By the time you start assembling these, you'll start to think, "oh wow, this is a little harder than it looks". But it's okay! Just continue spinning the paper and gluing as you go.

Flower 3

Start by tracing this simple shape as many times as you can on your paper. This flower is fun because it works whether you have 5 petals or 15. It just depends how big you want it to be.

Cut them all out.

Each time I would apply a petal, I would dollop a drop of glue onto these two corners (and sometimes all over the place, because, well, I'm messy).

The first petal will need to be like this.

Every petal from there on will gently hug the other petals.

Continue doing this until you have reached the fullness of the flower you desire.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to Pin the image below and share with your friends!