Paper Flower: Part 1

Hey there! Welcome to Part 1 of creating a floral backdrop! For this flower, I was able to follow along to a video that was so helpful, so I've attached it below! Don't get scared that it's in Spanish, she does a great job of captioning each step well. When you scroll down, you will be able to see my costs, my mistakes and what I wish I would've done differently!

Below I'm going to share my costs and a few things I would've done differently!

When I first started searching the web for a cool backdrop for my bridal shower, I fell in love with these large floral creations...only problem was that they average around $500! Keep in mind, this post is only for one flower, but over the next few months I will show you how I'm going make my entire backdrop for less than $50

My Wal-Mart Shopping List:

10 Pack White Posters - $2.97

Hot Glue Gun - $4.97

Glue Stick Refills (I went through only 2 for this flower) - $3.97

Xacto Knife - $2.97

Total: $14.88

Mistake #1:

I went on Google and grabbed the first teardrop shape I could find. Not good. My flower petals ended up being super uneven. It really isn't noticeable (and every flower is unique right?) but I would definitely recommend using this teardrop instead!

Mistake #2:

I went way to hard on my pencil and unfortunately you can see pencil markings on my final product. Trace the petals lightly, friends!

Mistake #3:

This was a HUGE one for me. This step is the opposite of what it should have been. The side that I drew on should've been facing down and I should've made the flaps on the other side. By doing this backward, my flower was not as full and voluminous as it should've been.

Mistake #4

If you look closely my petals closest to the center are a little crinkly. Be careful when you are rolling the paper to avoid this!

Voila! That is my first paper flower. I will be posting more of these throughout the next few months. I would love to hear your tips and tricks if you have tried this!