Mirepoix Mercantile

I met Jill right before she opened up her shop. I photographed her amazing wedding (see it here) and I was ecstatic when she came back to me to photograph her new yoga studio, Mirepoix Mercantile.

Our version of a mirepoix is a three part balance of movement, meditation, and nourishment. By incorporating each into our everyday life, we can begin to build bodies and minds we can listen to and circumstances we can thrive in.

We believe in moving to strengthen, not burn; meditating to process, not clear; and nourishing to fuel, not lose. We move through life minimally and mindfully.

They've got a clean space, some great classes, and they sell some really cute home & apothecary products as well! Their studio is at 1414 N. Ashland Avenue Chicago, IL 60622. Visit them and take a class!

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