The Best Advice I've Learned As An Entrepreneur

In December of 2015, I decided to stop going to school and pursue becoming a wedding photographer. I had some photography on the side for about 3 years, mainly family photos and headshots, but I always loved the wedding industry. I admired so many wedding photographers but I had no idea how to get started. I started doing weddings dirt cheap, because I needed to build my portfolio so that I could start making more money and book more clients.

I booked four weddings in 2016, which I thought was great and I was so excited for. But I wasn't getting very many that were "my style". I was listening to a podcast by Jenna Kutcher called The Goal Digger Podcast and she talked about "reaching your ideal client", it changed everything for me. I realized so much of what I was advertising were family photos, because I thought it was smart to showcase the work I was doing. But this podcast made me realize I need to be advertising to brides. My kind of brides. Who's my ideal client? Couples. Couples who are down adventure, who aren't afraid to get their clothes dirty, and who love each other passionately. I love young Christian couples who want to show Christ through their marriage. I love DIY, bohemian, non-traditional, outside of the box weddings. When I started targeting my website and instagram toward these kinds of couples, I saw a huge difference in my business. I actually started booking my ideal clients.

So all of that to say;

1. Figure out your ideal client.

2. Figure out the content that they want to see/read/do.

3. GO DO IT!


P.S. I also highly recommend the Goal Digger Podcast. It has some amazing content for any one looking to improve in their business.