Ben & Emily Pt. 2

"Ben suggested a surprise wedding. Everyone wins: we have a small, intimate event. No gifts, no rigamaroll, no uncomfortable outfits or bridal party. Just us, getting married, surrounded by our closest family and friends.

On June 16, we pulled it off. It was a perfect, beautiful day filled with Chicago skylines, CorePower yoga, tacos, and margaritas. I could go over all of the details (because, Lord knows this was planned to a T), but here are the important details:

Our friends and family traveled from all over the country for us, and they didn't even know we were getting married! They thought they were surprising us for our engagement party. We greeted and surprised everyone as they came in. Then, 2 of our best friends in the whole world married us in a beautiful ceremony that exuded love. We polished off the night with dancing, bottomless rosemary margaritas and so. many. tacos." - Emily, the bride.

Salon - Sine Qua Non West

Dress - Sherri Hill

Venue - Antique Taco